Monday, December 13, 2010

Dinosaur Love

In my quest tolearn to sew, I've been tackling progressively more challenging projects over the past two weeks (with baby steps). A year ago, I could only list a "straight stitch" on my sewing resume confidently. Still scared of store-bought patterns, I bought a few small, "beginner" pdf patterns from online artisans. One such artisan's website is:

And so I was eager to take the next sewing step by creating bitofwhimsydolls dinosaur pattern. Less than 24 hours later, my dino was finished, and my son named it "Stinger".
Welcome to our family, Stinger. May you be a guardian dinosaur over my projects to come...


  1. That is so cute. Are you going to make more?

  2. I hope to! I really liked how it turned out, and Emerson was VERY excited!

  3. Kela! I've made 5 more, and I've gotten one posted on Etsy. :)


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