Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Exploration with Fabric for Educational Quilts

I've had so much fun being creative during my son's naps this summer! Having designed a number of batik, educational quilts for children over the last year, I have been researching ways to make these quilts more effectively, retaining quality while bringing the price down for teachers.

It seems like a new website in Beta testing may be my answer. Previously, I was cutting out individual shapes of batik fabric and fusing them together into a unique collage. While I enjoyed the process, I am currently seeing whether I might be able to photograph my designs to have commercially printed onto fabric, thereby eliminating the time-consuming labor of love that is piecing the quilt together!

Three of my educational quilts are available for sale on www.amykuhlcox.etsy.com
I have also been designing some new, language, educational quilts that focus on the beginning sounds in words - they are "I Spy" phonetic quilts. (Hopefully these will also be available on www.amykuhlcox.etsy.com come fall.) I have discovered one of my biggest pet peeves is a phonetic material that is designed poorly! So, no airplanes to represent the "a" sound here. And away with you, consonant blends at the beginning of words, when we are trying to isolate a single sound for instruction! :)

I have been so intrigued by fabric design, that over the weekend I designed a Christmas/holiday fabric for Spoonflower.com.
Now, to see whether I get chosen as a finalist in the contest.... Alas, no matter what, it was a learning experience in Photoshop! :)
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