Saturday, December 18, 2010

Coveting coasters no more

I coveted the handmade fabric coasters I saw on Etsy. My husband's pet peeve is a non-absorbent coaster that is not functional. Our stone coasters are ideal, but pricey. And so, I tackled another project. I have had this beautiful fabric for years, intending to recover chairs with it, but I had enough that I could spare a few coasters... First I cut squares from the fabric with my rotary cutter and straight edge/ruler.
I sewed along three sides (wrong side facing out), essentially making a pocket, turned it inside out, placed a thin layer of quilting batting inside, and topstiched around all four edges (thereby securing the fourth side).
They seemed a little "poofy", so I decided to "quilt" them. I followed one curve of the pattern on one side and one curve of the pattern on the other side. I also used both sides of the fabric, the "right" side and the "wrong" side, so that there would be subtle variations in color.
Sooner than I realized I had a set of eight fabric coasters (four in each color variation), absorbent and functional! And, in a fabric I loved! It was quick and easy without a pattern!

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