Saturday, January 1, 2011

Somehow I missed out on the childhood joy of Shrinky Dinks...

So, as a child, somehow I missed out on the joy of Shrinky Dinks. One year ago, my sister-in-law remedied this at my request. Armed with my first set of Shrinky Dinks, I began to create. I had high expectations... I wanted them to look professional... I wanted to use them in my jewelry making.

I had been making jewelry using my photography, applying my original images to polymer clay and then covering them in resin. Alas, my colored pencil Shrinky Dink creations did not have the look I was hoping for. What did I expect from a product created for children?

I even bought a book, which had some pretty cool ideas!

But, as I searched Etsy, I saw other Shrinky Dink jewelry. There must be a way to print my photographs onto this amazing shrinkable plastic. Finally, I found my solution. Now I am about to reveal a trade secret here...
I found Grafix brand ink-jet printable, white, shrinkable plastic that could be fed through my printer.

After much experimentation with color/contrast adjustment (the pigment becomes more dense *read "darker"* as it shrinks), I had found my material. How fun! Now I can make anything into jewelry and you can too, with the help of Photoshop, a printer, and shrinkable plastic!

So, now in addition to my polymer clay photography jewelry (pendants and earrings), I can create fun, extremely lightweight earrings. In a recession, it is always fun to seek product lines for all budgets. :)

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  1. Hi Amy! Really great article! Thanks so much for all the valuable information. I fell in love with some of your designs on Spoonflower. You are very talented!


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